Employee App

Appy days for Ramsay employees

Dec 14, 2017

The new MyRamsay App has catapulted to the top 20 most popular medical apps in the Apple Apps store, after rolling out at Ramsay hospitals last month.

A perfect storm of artificial intelligence, instant messaging options and feel-good hospital news and achievements, the App is being used to highlight jobs, social activities and corporate employee perks and across the Ramsay network.

In early October 2017, the App already had over 2000 users across the group, growing at a rate of 150 per day.

“The mobile App is a strategic initiative to help enhance the engagement of our staff,” says Ramsay’s Chief Technology Officer Anthony Wang.

“It’s also hospital-centric, meaning that the messages employees receive will only be relevant to their own hospital, with opportunities for Ramsay Corporate executives to post occasional group messages.”

Ramsay Health Care Australia Chief Operating Officer Kate Munnings said MyRamsay could also be used for company announcements direct to the palm of staff - reducing any chance of a miscommunication.

She said MyRamsay would also provide key hospital contacts and would allow hospital managers to reach out to staff.

“Research repeatedly shows that staff satisfaction is related to the level of engagement people have with their employer. So most importantly, MyRamsay will be a chance for our staff to share achievements and promote the sense of belonging and “family” that is the Ramsay Way.”