The Northside Group

Ramsay Opens New Era for Mental Health Care in Sydney

Feb 24, 2018

The first patients have been admitted to Ramsay’s new St Leonards Clinic, the latest edition to Sydney’s The Northside Group of mental health hospitals.

The Northside Group St Leonards Clinic, opened on 24 February, is a purpose-built mental health facility with 112 single rooms, day services and on site consulting suites, replacing The Northside Clinic in Greenwich, which was the second hospital to open under Paul Ramsay in 1973.

The Northside Group CEO Anne Mortimer said patients admitted to the facility would experience a new level of private mental healthcare with spacious single rooms, modern indoor and outdoor dining, large outdoor therapy spaces and private parkland, wellness areas and a dedicated art therapy room as well as massage rooms and a gymnasium staffed with inhouse personal trainers.

“With the growing incidence and burden of mental illness in the community, it was very important for us to build a modern facility that provides innovative and holistic treatment, catering for the specific needs of people suffering from mental health disorders but also those in the community who are committed to their mental health and wellness,” Anne said.

“This state-of-the-art facility embodies the latest thinking in program delivery, therapy and nutrition and supports an approach to mental health by offering a well-rounded program addressing medical, psychological and counselling, psychosocial, recreational, physical and diversional interventions.

“The hospital offers outstanding educational facilities for the training and education of doctors, nurses and psychologists,” she said.

The new multistorey facility will also be available to the wider community by offering a number of critical and unique mental health programs for those who are committed to maintaining their mental health.

The community-based classes, will include topics such as ‘Mindfulness Skills’, ‘Resilience Training’ and ‘Art of Acceptance’. These are due to commence in June 2018 and are designed for individuals who are interested in improving their sense of wellbeing and are striving to live more consciously.

“Shifting the world’s attitude on mental health will not happen overnight, however launching a clinic that does not hide away from the community, but actively invites them in, is a step in the right direction,” Anne said.

The Northside Group has also launched its Four Pillars of Health and Recovery that truly focuses on the combination of psychological, physical, social and nutritional health of patients.

The Northside Group St Leonard’s Clinic offers high quality specialist clinical care in mood and anxiety disorders, drug and alcohol dependence, postnatal depression, eating disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder and general mental health disorders.