Jul 30, 2020


What is your job title?

I am a Nurse Unit Manager in Mental Health.

At which Ramsay site do you work?

I work at The Adelaide Clinic in Adelaide, South Australia.

For how long have you worked at Ramsay?

I have worked for Ramsay for just over 30 years with Ramsay Health Care Mental Health Services in South Australia.

What is your favourite thing about being a nurse?

People contact, the ever changing work environment and learning experiences. The problem solving challenges that arise every day. I have always found it pleasing to be a part of a team caring for an unwell patient and then see improvement and eventual recovery for that patient and their families/friends/carers. Just to think that a few words and listening may have made a difference to someone in distress.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about Mental Health. I was born in Scotland, trained as a nurse in Scotland and emigrated to South Australia 30 years ago. My nursing career has encompassed more than 40 years. I feel very passionate that the profile of Mental Health has risen over this time with much needed awareness, improved treatment and holistic approaches being utilised.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I am proud to be a part of the team here. I hope that Ramsay and other organisations and services will continue to raise that awareness and destigmatise people with Mental Health problems.