Nov 12, 2020


What is your job title?

Surgical nurse

At which Ramsay site do you work?

Lyndby Denmark

For how long have you worked at Ramsay?

Since April 2010

What is your favourite thing about being a nurse?

That I together with my colleagues can make a difference for the patients. That I provide care for the patients. I have a very exciting and unpredictable day, no one is like the other. The teamwork and cooperation across the professional groups is something I really appreciate.

Last but not least, my amazing colleagues help make my day. A workday in which humour, good mood, professional expertise and security plays a big role.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about the professionalism and development. I am very happy to be a surgical nurse and I am especially interested in the laparoscopic surgery. I have clearly found my shelf, and have never regretted my choice of education. I am good at my work, and proud of my profession. IᶦM REALLY INTO IT.