Indonesia, Nidaul


Mar 19, 2020


What is your job title?

Urology and vascular nurse. I am responsible for the ESWL Space & Vascular Surgery

At which Ramsay site/sites do you work?

RS Premier Bintaro, Indonesia

For how long have you worked at RSPB?

Started in April 2007; it's been almost 13 years

What is your favourite thing about being a nurse/midwife?

I’m able to provide comfort and convenience to my patients and their families when they are in tough situations. When I help my patients whether in the hospital or through my community work, I feel a sense of satisfaction. And when I hear ‘Thank you’ I feel valued and makes me realise the importance of being a nurse and this motivates me to do better each day and help more people in need.

What are you passionate about?

Good communication is essential for effective outcome of patient care. For the nurses to be successful in their work they have to study communication and interpersonal relations in their education and during internships. In this context it is understood that emphasis must be placed on the importance of communication between nurse and patient and nursing education must focus on communication skills for nurses. From my experience I can safely say that even nurses sometimes forget that those who are sick need a smile, a touch, and an understanding of what is happening to him or her. I value my relationships with my patients and the trust I’ve built overtime. If needed, I do not hesitate to share my personal phone number to my patients to make it easier for them to reach me for assistance because it means they trust me. Trust is something that must exist in every relationship. For me this is one of the ways to implement our philosophy of "People caring for people".

What are your aspirations for the future?

Build good communication, because a teamwork will not be effective without communication, both internal and external. We also have to foster mutual trust with the team and a sense of family, that we at Bintaro Premier Hospital are one big family that must support each other for the common good.