Xufen, Malaysia


Apr 23, 2020


What is your job title?

I’m a Nurse Manager

At which Ramsay site/sites do you work?

ParkCity Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur

For how long have you worked at ParkCity Medical Centre?

It’s been 5 years since I joined PMC

What is your favourite thing about being a nurse?

What I enjoy the most about my job is the interaction with my patients and their family members. The trust that develops with the relationship and I help provide them with the care they deserve. I love being a nurse mostly because it has brought me into the lives of people whom I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I want to see my patients happy and cheerful when they leave the hospital. Making patients feel like an individual instead of just another number on my list will certainly lift their spirits. To me NURSING is a calling and a love.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about patient and family experience. I want to make it better for my patients. When a patient is out of surgery, it is my responsibility to ensure that the patient and the family members get through that experience. That meant sitting down with the family before going through any procedure, explaining what the patient was going through and giving input in the decision making. Over the years I’ve learnt a lot about engaging patients and their families. We all make mistakes, but we should see it as an opportunity to improve. For me good and bad days are all completely worthwhile when I see my patients regain their independence.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I aspire to be more involved in the efforts to improve patient safety and quality of care. Everything about healthcare is complex. From processes to technologies and even patient needs and responses can be complexed. I see this as a tremendous opportunity to focus on system improvements whereby improving the quality and safety of care can lead to achieving high degree of patient satisfaction. So, to me patient experience is everything in healthcare.