Kate, UK


May 14, 2020


What is your job title?

Pre Assessment Nurse. I am dual trained as an RGN and Midwife

At which Ramsay site/sites do you work?

Springfield Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex

For how long have you worked at Ramsay?

Nearly 4 years

What is your favourite thing about being a nurse/midwife?

My favourite part of being a nurse is the reassurance and comfort you see in patients’ faces when you have listened and discussed their worries and anxieties about upcoming surgery, and have empowered them to make an informed choice about their care, and have emotionally prepared them for surgery. I also adore educating patients to help promote their health and well-being choices.

What are you passionate about?

I feel passionate about providing holistic care and being the nurse that really makes a difference to ease patients and their relatives’ anxieties, and promote a positive hospital experience considering their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Health promotion has always been a keen area of interest in my nursing and midwifery roles, and I am extremely fortunate in my current role to have contact with many patients daily and attempt to make every interaction an opportunity to promote their health.

I am trained to offer smoking cessation support, and discuss the benefits of reducing alcohol consumption and weight loss, with the opportunity to make a referral if required.

I excel in supporting vulnerable people, and with my effective communicative skills and empathetic nature, I work hard to build a rapport with these patients so they feel confident and trust me. I ensure they have excellent continuity or care and make sure they feel in control of their body and surgery.

I am also Springfield's dementia champion and educate all the staff during mandatory that we can help people live well with dementia using the 5 key steps. I also assess patients with dementia in Pre Assessment Clinic to ensure they have the mental capacity to make an informed choice about their surgery and care. If this is not the case, then I conduct a mental capacity meeting or discuss with the relatives if power of attorney is in place.

What are your aspirations for the future?

To continue to be the best mummy and nurse that I can possibly be, and to go to sleep every night confident I made a difference.

I aim to work productively to get Springfield recognised as a Dementia friendly environment, and to get as many staff members registered as Demetia friends and promote them all wearing their dementia friends badges with pride. I would also like to offer my Dementia Friends workshop to the community, so we can help and support relatives and carers to help their loved ones to live well and to understand dementia.

I will work hard to promote not only my patients health, but also my work colleagues health and well-being. I will continue to work on my current goal to reduce smoking amongst staff members by offering cessation support, a Nicotine replacement therapy prescription, carbon monoxide monitoring and a weekly counselling service.

I have also completed the mental health first aid course which means I can now embrace my passion of helping vulnerable people and I am trained in providing mental health support for my colleagues. I want to make sure the environment I am proud to be part of, encourages all their staff to look after their own health needs first for them to be able to care effectively for others.