Malaysia healthcare overview

Malaysia has a well-developed two-tier health system.

Universal public healthcare is funded and regulated by the Malaysian government, with government-run primary care centres and public hospitals administered by the Ministry of Health through its central, state and district offices.

The country’s well-established private healthcare sector is growing rapidly and considered to be of high quality. Malaysia’s private hospitals, clinics and medical centres offer a wide range of services such as specialty care, diagnostic services and elective procedures.

The private sector is largely funded through private insurance and out-of-pocket payments by patients. Private providers may also receive some government funding through various programs and schemes.

The Ministry of Health is the primary regulatory body for healthcare in Malaysia. It oversees public and private services, sets policies and standards, and regulates healthcare providers. The Ministry of Health also works with bodies such as the Malaysian Medical Council to ensure that healthcare providers meet the necessary standards for education, training and professional conduct.

The Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act (PHFSA) directs the establishment and operation of private healthcare facilities and services in Malaysia. It sets standards for patient care, safety and quality.

There is growing demand in Malaysia for private health insurance that covers infertility treatment, dementia care and long-term care. There is also a rising demand for sub-specialised treatment and leading healthcare players are investing more in technology, such as robotics.

Malaysia is also an increasingly popular destination for medical tourism; it is promoted as providing modern healthcare facilities, competitive fees and English-speaking professionals with international credentials. 



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