Film equipment in birth suite and operating theatre

Ramsay Health Care recognises unique and special moments arise in hospital that patients, families and friends may wish to capture on film, however, we also must ensure patient safety, clinical teamwork, the privacy of other patients, staff members and medical personnel are not compromised. That’s why we have the following requirements in relation to the use of film equipment:

  • Devices that record film and sound are not allowed in the operating suite, birth suites or special care nursery.
  • Single shot devices (ie cameras) that do not record sound are permissible by the agreement of the care team members present at the time.
  • Professional photographers (using single shot devices) may, subject to the approval of the hospital, be present in the birth suite. If you wish to have a professional photographer present in the birth suite during your delivery, we suggest that you contact the Hospital in advance to discuss.
  • Professional photographers are not permitted to be present in the operating theatre or special care nursery.
  • Film and sound may be recorded in the privacy of a patient’s own room, provided the privacy of other patients and staff members is not compromised.