Ramsay UK

Our network of hospitals and day surgeries across the UK provides a wide range of clinical specialties to private and self-insured patients, as well as to patients referred by the NHS.

From orthopaedics to oncology, cosmetic and weight loss surgery, we work closely with thousands of consultants to ensure our patients receive the best possible care.

Ramsay UK has partnered with the independent Purpose Coalition to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing people across the country.

The Purpose Coalition maps and measures organisational action across 14 goals targetting social and health inequality.

In a comprehensive report released in June 2023, Ramsay UK was found to have demonstrated significant positive social impact across several key goals, including promoting good health and wellbeing, sustainable communities, harnessing the energy transition and fair career progression.

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Focus on quality

With a network of UK hospitals, we are building an integrated system to provide seamless care.