Ramsay Leadership Academy

Ramsay Health Care is committed to planning for the future to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients, doctors, employees and health care partners.

An important part of this preparation involves guiding and developing the potential of our future executive leaders. This is because we believe that to grow as a business, we must also grow as people.

We launched the Ramsay Leadership Academy in 2019 to better equip our leaders to take the organisation forward in an evolving health care industry.

Executive Leadership – The Ramsay Way

The first program of the Ramsay Leadership Academy is called ‘Executive Leadership – The Ramsay Way’. This initiative embraces:

  • Leading through change and disruption
  • Building global networks and relationships
  • Innovating
  • Delivering growth today and tomorrow
  • Developing our people
  • Caring for our people and patients, and
  • Making a positive impact on society through hard work and dedication

From the moment Paul Ramsay AO founded our company in 1964, he emphasised the importance of looking after people. Our goal is to ensure the legacy of ‘People Caring For People’ always remains at the centre of everything we do.

Through the ‘Executive Leadership – The Ramsay Way’ program, leaders from across all parts of our business globally will undergo practical, experiential, and collaborative learning sessions. Topics include global health care sector trends, executive leadership, communication, and change management.

The program is designed to develop global collaboration, which is especially important given Ramsay Health Care’s presence in 11 countries. It will also equip executive leaders with additional skills to leverage the potential of the group, and accelerate the development of key attributes and mindsets of leaders to deliver on the company’s strategy.

We want Ramsay’s future leaders to develop a broader enterprise thinking perspective, build on current strength in financial capability and business acumen, foster engagement with key stakeholders, and encourage an open mindset to explore, evaluate and embrace different ideas and opportunities.