Online Communication

Register for Online Communication from Ramsay Health Care
Ramsay Health Care is committed to providing both shareholders and other with timely information about its activities and announcements. To this end, we are pleased to be able to provide you with the ability to receive information from us online.

Shareholders have the option of receiving annual reports and other shareholder communications online. By subscribing to this service you will receive emails advising you when and how to access these documents online via our shareholder registry, Boardroom Pty Limited. If you have not already elected to receive your annual report and other shareholder communications online you can do so by visiting Please note you will need to have your shareholder number available at time of registering.

To keep up-to-date with all Ramsay Health Care announcements to the market please subscribe to our Email Alert service below. By joining Email Alerts, you will be notified of Market Updates as they are made.