Social and Workforce Standards

Through our operations and, through our policies and practices, Ramsay Health Care makes a genuine attempt to improve the quality of life of our employees, their families, the local community and society at large.

Ramsay Health Care differentiates itself from other hospital operators through its decentralised management structure, which allows our hospital managers to develop productive working relationships with our staff and doctors. We pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we have built these groups throughout the organisation. Our hospitals are led by competent and experienced managers renowned for having an “open door” policy for doctors and staff.

Ramsay staff work in an environment that is receptive and flexible. They have the opportunity to shape standards and quality of care. Our internal policies and processes aim to provide staff at all levels with career expansion, training and development opportunities. Ramsay Health Care is recognised for its commitment to staff through the fostering and development of a special culture known as “The Ramsay Way”. The Ramsay Way recognises that our people are the key to our success.

The following policies set out Ramsay Health Care's commitment to its employees and the local community and society at large.

Workplace Health and Safety

Ramsay Health Care’s commitment to the health and safety of our employees and all persons who visit our workplaces is a key business principle and is linked to the KPIs of our key executives including the Managing Director. 

Ramsay Health Care employs over 60,000 staff across 235 hospitals, day surgery centres, treatment facilities, rehabilitation and psychiatric units and a nursing college, and this complex business requires a robust and innovative safety management system to ensure the safe working environment of our people whilst delivering high quality care to our patients. We believe that all injuries and industry-related diseases are preventable and to this end we strive continuously to make improvements in this area.


Corporate Community Investment

Ramsay Health Care recognises that it has an important role to play in the local communities we serve and society at large. Our focus on healthcare provides us the opportunity to commit significant resources to medical research; clinical teaching and training. 

Paul Ramsay Foundation


Medical Research/Teaching & Training

Ramsay Health Care makes significant investments each year in medical research, teaching and training.  In medical research, Ramsay Health Care has established two not-for-profit foundations – the Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation (in Australia) and the Fondation Générale de Santé (in France).  

The Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation is committed to providing better outcomes to our patients, to investigate the diseases and illnesses which affect them and to progress the learning and development of those who care for them.  The Foundation is committed to allocating $5 million per annum and is currently focused on areas of mental health, rehabilitation and health services research. 

The Fondation Générale de Santé  was initially created 10 years ago to promote donation of umbilical cord blood, however it has now extended its focus to the area of health prevention and promotion. It is currently focused on raising awareness about the dangers of stress through the creation of a Stress Observatory, selecting and assisting e-health start-ups and also curating in-house health prevention projects. 

Two large hospital-based medical research foundations in Ramsay’s largest private hospitals – Greenslopes Private Hospital in Brisbane and Hollywood Private Hospital in Perth – are supported by Ramsay Health Care.  In addition to direct contributions, indirect contribution costs, in terms of free space and resources, amount to over $2 million per annum.

In terms of teaching and training, Ramsay Health Care consciously makes a significant investment to both doctor and nurse training through clinical placements and the development of learning facilities on its campuses.  Currently Ramsay Health Care invests in excess of $20 million per annum in Australia on teaching and training the future clinical workforce. 

Investment in communities

As large businesses and employers in many of the communities in which we operate, we are also committed to investing back into these local communities. Ramsay Health Care is pleased to be a supporter of a wide range of community initiatives including the Ramsay/Rotary Medical Equipment Donation Programme; Charity Challenge which tops up staff 20% of funds raised for their fundraising initiatives; Ramsay Health Care Triathlon Pink for breast cancer; and RUOK? Day.

Paul Ramsay FoundationPaul Ramsay Foundation 

Following the death of our founder, Paul Ramsay, in 2014, the Paul Ramsay Foundation  was established with his bequest of over $3 billion. The Paul Ramsay Foundation is one of the top 50 charities in the world and one of the largest in Australia. 

The Paul Ramsay Foundation is a 18.8% shareholder of Ramsay Health Care, meaning that 18.8% of the profits paid to Ramsay Health Care shareholders by way of dividend are directed back into charitable causes funded by the Foundation. The Foundation is committed to making a difference in disadvantaged Australian communities and funds projects which will enable lasting change.