Karen Penrose

Non-Executive Director
Appointed March 2020

Karen Penrose

Karen has had an extensive executive career in leadership and CFO roles, mainly in financial services. She is well-versed in financial management, customer outcomes and operating in a rapidly changing regulatory environment which stems from 20 years in banking with Commonwealth Bank and HSBC and eight years as a listed-company CFO.

Karen has been a full-time director since 2014 and is an experienced committee chair of audit and risk. In addition to being a Non-Executive Director of Ramsay, Karen also serves as a Director of Bank of Queensland, Cochlear and Estia Health. She is a member of Chief Executive Women and on the Board of Marshall Investments Pty Limited and Rugby Australia Limited.

In the past three years, Karen has served as a Director of the following listed companies:

  • Bank of Queensland (appointed November 2015)
  • Cochlear Limited (appointed July 2022)
  • Estia Health (appointed October 2018)
  • Ramsay Santé (appointed February 2021)
  • Spark Infrastructure Group (resigned May 2020)
  • Vicinity Centres (resigned September 2022)
Committee memberships:
  • Audit Committee (Chair)
  • Risk Management Committee (Member)
Independence status:
  • Independent