Karen Penrose

Non-Executive Director
Appointed March 2020

Karen Penrose

Karen has had an extensive executive career in leadership and CFO roles, mainly in financial services. She is well-versed in financial management, customer outcomes and operating in a rapidly changing regulatory environment which stems from 20 years in banking with Commonwealth Bank and HSBC and eight years as a listed-company CFO.

Karen has been a full-time director since 2014 and is an experienced committee chair of audit and risk. In addition to being a Non-Executive Director of Ramsay, Karen serves as a Director of Bank of Queensland, Cochlear and Reece Limited. She is a member of Chief Executive Women and she is also on the Boards of NSW Waratahs Limited, Waratahs Rugby Pty Limited and Marshall Investments Pty Limited.

In the past three years, Karen has served as a Director of the following listed companies:

  • Bank of Queensland (appointed November 2015)
  • Cochlear Limited (appointed July 2022)
  • Estia Health (resigned December 2023; Estia Health subsequently delisted on 18 December 2023)
  • Ramsay Santé (appointed February 2021)
  • Vicinity Centres (resigned September 2022)
Committee memberships:
  • Audit Committee (Chair)
  • Risk Management Committee (Member)
Independence status:
  • Independent