Elysium Healthcare

Elysium Healthcare is an independent sector provider of specialist health and care services which are commissioned by the NHS and Local Government authorities across England and Wales.

Elysium's four core service streams are mental health, neurological, learning disabilities and children and education.

Our hospitals and care homes provide a range of services to enable people with complex and often long-term conditions to access the expert care they need. We work as a partner with our colleagues in the health and social care sector to identify needs and deliver local services to local people. Our partnership working provides specialist and niche services for adults and young people.

Tailored care

Aberbeeg, a secure hospital in Wales, offers real work opportunities to enhance the lived experience of every service user.

"Elysium joined the global Ramsay team in 2022 and we celebrate the breadth of clinical expertise across the globe that this brings. What unites Elysium and Ramsay is the way we care for people, be they staff, service users or family members. The Ramsay values are closely aligned with our own and are an important part of the way we must go about our daily operations to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders. Our objective is to provide the best care, delivered by the best people in the best place."

Joy Chamberlain

Chief Executive Officer