Climate action

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Why it is important

Ramsay recognises that conserving and protecting the environment is a critical issue. We are committed to working toward environmentally sustainable outcomes and achieving continual improvement in performance. We are focused on the key challenges of climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy and water, reducing resource use where it safe to do so, increasing recycling and promoting sustainable development and procurement outcomes.

Our management approach

The Ramsay Cares sustainability strategy includes the key pillar of Caring for our Planet. Each regional business is responsible for implementing the approach and improving our environmental performance.

Our approach to sustainability and any material environmental risks is overseen by the Global Risk Management Committee. The Group  Sustainability Officer and Global Sustainability Committee, comprised of the Regional Sustainability Leads, provide support and guidance to the Global Executive and Global Risk Management Committee.


Our measures are provided in our annual Impact Report Environment  Scorecard and include energy, GHG emissions, water and waste.


  • GRI disclosures: 302-1 Energy use, 303-5 Water consumption, 305-1 Emissions (Scope 1), 305-2 Emissions (Scope 2), 306-3 Waste generation, 306-4 Waste diversion
  • SASB topic areas: Energy Management, Waste Management, Climate Change Impacts on Human Health and Infrastructure
  • SDGs: 3, 12, 13