Robust business model

Robust & Resilient Business Model@2x.png

Why it is important

Being able to deliver growth, clinical excellence and shareholder returns and effectively respond to disruption and changing models of care.

Our management approach

Ramsay strives for a robust and responsive business model to enable us to deliver growth, clinical excellence and shareholder returns. The Board has oversight of Ramsay Health Care’s business and affairs and, as such, is responsible for overall strategy, governance and performance.

The Annual Report outlines our strategy and performance as well as our material business risks. Ramsay Health Care is implementing its 2030 strategy to position the business for growth, with a focus on delivering high-quality clinical outcomes, investing in data and digital and growing and developing our people.

A key to Ramsay’s success is having quality relationships with our stakeholders such as private health insurers, governments and regulators and our network of doctors.

Impact boundary and stakeholders

  1. Patients
  2. Funding partners
  3. Investors


Our measures are provided in our Annual Report and include revenue, profit, shareholder return.


  • GRI disclosures: 201-1 Direct economic value
  • SASB topic areas: Product design and lifecycle management
  • SDGs: 3, 8, 17